USBula - Serial to USB-Flash-Drive Bridge Firmware

USBula is a ready-to-use firmware accessing USB flash drives from your application over a simple serial protocol.

USBula User Manual
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Typical application

USBula concept
The PIC24F is designed into the application. It is programmed with USBula firmware. For a circuit example and design hints, please see the USBula User Manual, section "Integration Guide".

Evaluation Board

An evaluation board preprogrammed with USBula firmware is available:
USBula EB Datasheet
USBula EB Evaluation Board Order USBula EB now! € 37,90 incl. 19% VAT excl. € 4 shipping.


Serial.print("U\n");             // sync (baudrate detection)
while ( != '\n');   // consume response
Serial.print("O1A:test.txt\n");  // open file (id 1, append mode) 
while ( != '\n');   // consume response
Serial.print("W10b\n");          // prepare write of 11 bytes 
while ( != '\n');   // consume response
Serial.print("Hello World");     // write data to file 
while ( != '\n');   // consume response
Serial.print("C1\n");            // close file
while ( != '\n');   // consume response
"Hello World" is written to the file "test.txt" on the USB stick. The code is shown in Arduino style (see whole Arduino USBula example), but any other programming language or host system can be used to communicate over the UART with USBula.
For a detailed protocol description, please see the USBula User Manual, section "Communication protocol".