How-to use USBlini with Python on Windows 10

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to use USBlini on Windows with Python.

1. Install driver

Connect the USBlini to the USB port of the computer.
Download and run to install WinUSB driver:
Windows driver installation for USBlini
After driver installation, USBlini is listed in device manager:
Windows device manager

2. Install Python

Download and install .
Python installation dialog

3. Run Python

Start Python console.
Windows start menu: run Python

4. Install USBlini Python library

Install USBlini package with following python commands:
import pip
pip.main(['install', 'git+'])
ERROR: Cannot find command 'git'
appears, please install (Installation: default settings are fine, make sure Git is added to PATH).

Python shell installing USBlini package

5. Test connection to USBlini

Check if a connection to the USBlini can be established.
from usblini import USBlini
usblini = USBlini()

6. Run python script, e.g. USBliniGUI

Now USBlini can be used with Python, e.g. with the USBliniGUI: Download and run it with a double click.
Running USBliniGUI on Windows 10